Hi foodie,
Your Safety matters to us

The safety of our customers, employees, delivery partners, and homechef partners has always been a top priority for us. This is why we strictly follow food safety regulations to ensure safety and hygiene when delivering homemade food to your homes.
During the Covid19 situation, it is important for all of us to do our part and prevent the spread of the virus. So, as our valuable customers, we would like to give you an insight on the steps we have taken to keep you and your families safe.

How We Ensure Safe And Hygienic Homemade Food Delivery During Covid 19 ?

1. Our all staff is Vaccinated for Covid-19.
2. Our delivery partners & Homechef partners are continually trained and encouraged to follow the best practices of respiratory hygiene. They have also been told about the need to frequently wash their hands and how to properly do it. In addition, they are also aware of how to identify associated symptoms of Covid19.
3. We have also adopted a No Contact Delivery System wherein the delivery partners will leave the package by the door.
4. We have also encouraged employees to follow social distancing practises. In addition, thermal scanning at the entry point on a regular basis is done without any compromises.

How To Help Us ?

Here are a few simple ways with which you can help us to keep everyone safe and prevent the chance of the virus spread.
1.Please ask the Delivery executive to leave the package outside if you are experiencing any symptoms like cold, fever, or dry cough.
2. If you can’t avoid contact, maintain a distance of 7 feet from the delivery personnel.
3. Once the homemade food delivery is completed, make sure to thoroughly wash your hands with an alcohol based sanitizer.

Wondering how you can safely order delicious homemade food to your home during Covid19? Do not worry! This is where Saffron's Spice can help you. We can deliver homemade food to your homes without making any compromise on safety and quality.

In the meantime, should you have any concerns about the matter, please reach out to our customer support team at kantishroff@gmail.com or you can contact us via 07393533102

Stay & Eat Safe, and above all, DO NOT PANIC!